5 Things To Keep In Mind While Gifting

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Gifting

Exchange of physical objects alone doesn’t sum up gifting anymore.  All it takes is a little amount of creativity and more of contemplation. Choosing the right gift may seem like a challenge at times.  But, don’t worry we will help you choose the right ones at ease.

1.Spice Up The Gifting Process

Gifts which remind your recipient of the time you spent together are very thoughtful. Choose gifts that will take one down the memory lane, and when you have to hand it over, do it with a treasure hunt.  Won’t it be fun to go and hunt for gifts? What sheer fun it is to unwrap gifts!!!

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2. Gift An Experience 

When you have done gifting every possible gift he/she likes, then you must give it a try on experiences.  Gift them an adventure that they have been waiting to score off from their bucket list. If he is a bike lover and wants to experience the adrenaline rush gushing through the nerves, then you can go for a Harley Ride.

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3. Do Some Stalking 

Everybody is bound to have a wishlist, if not you can check their Facebook timeline for clues. They’ll be pretty surprised and delighted if you somehow found just the thing they wanted without even asking.

love bag.jpg

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4. Avoid Customary Options

Flowers, chocolates, gift cards, even perfume may seem better options when you’re running out of choice; your recipient may be hurt that you did not put more though into their gift. Try to avoid clichéd gifts unless you are sure that your gift recipient would enjoy them, or else give the customary options a twist.

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5. Ask For Help 

When you’re running out of ideas, ask an expert for help. The best people to ask are Surprise Planners. They may approach your gifting ideas from a perspective of their own with information you share with them.

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Ways to sweep off your loved one :)


When it comes to sweeping the feet off your loved one, it isn’t always a trip to Newyork or a expensive gadget in a velvet box that will their heart melt. In actuality, it’s the little considerate things you do to take care of them and remind them of your love that will be the things she remembers the most.

Remind them the love and flaunt the big heart you have in store for them with our exclusory surprises.

Lovey Dovey Hut
Steam up your date by turning your living room into an exotic and romantic abode with our Lovey Dovey Hut!

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Silver Screen Surprise
Wish your loved one big with our big flick surprise. Take your darling on a movie date on his\her bithday, let your wish be witnessed on the big screen.

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Silver screen surprise.jpg

Love from the world

A Gift from a dear one is all sufficient to make it special. At surprise machi, we go a little hay wire to delight the birthday baby with random gifts from random people. Doesn’t it sound great?

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Record Your Love

Identifying ourselves with the lyric is a most common phenomenon. How about penning down your feelings into a song for your soulmate? Wondering how? You don’t have to wonder with surprise machi beside you.

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Treasure Hunt
A Dinner date… Doesn’t that sound too plain? Let us season it up with more fun & surprise with Treasure Hunt.

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Show it off!
Turn the talk of the town by putting on a bigger poster or banner for your love.

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8 Things to do this Raksha Bandhan

8 Things to do this Raksha Bandhan


The big day is finally around the corner. Raksha Bandan is right around the corner and its time to enthrall your partner in crime.  For all the years that you have cherished their company..Err. Nah, for each day that they had gotten on your nerves and when you couldn’t feel to have been more blessed to have and handle them in your lives.

So how do you make Raksha Bhandan more special apart from every moment that you already spend with them that is special in its own way. Here are a few ideas:

1. The CRIME Tape


Make your own CD of all the glorious days spent into a short movie. Just gather pictures and videos with some cheeky quotes reminding about the many incidents and there you have just created a whole bunch of memories playing in front of your eyes will you leave chill and munch on popcorn together.

2. Plan a Getaway…at your home!

Pick a place that will excite both of you! Be it a trip to a hill station or a trek to nature’s getaways.Plan a trip and surprise your sibling with an unexpected Raksha Bandhan holiday this August.

3. A D.I.Y

Take advantage of your hobby and make your sibling an interesting and quirky personalized gift to give that special relationship a unique and emotional touch.

4. Relive those memories

Usually the siblings are those you have known since and forever. Catch up with them at an old joint where you spent your memorable times together be it at home or your regular place of play and bring out all those memories that were hidden in the treasure box of your minds.

5. Play a Prank

Yes, that’s the siblings can do. So do the unthinkable and surprise them in a way they will avenge all their life. Play a well thought out prank or you can also replay an old prank and watch them fall into the pit..all over again!. For the best prank log on to  http://www.surprisemachi.com/in/p/Prank-Pal/71

6. Go all social

Time to go all out and express your love for your loved ones all over social media.

7. Play Games

There are tonnes of funny and edgy games out there on social media like ‘The Whisper Challenge’, ‘Bean Boozled Challenge’ etc that can have you and your sibling cracking up hysterically. Or even a truth or dare would do.


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The Story Behind

The Story Behind

“The best thing about surprise is you never knew it was coming”

What is life without a little surprise? Surprise…! Surprise… Surprise..?

What would be that big surprise? That must be the most obvious calling… Surprises are more fun and works better in casting the spell of happiness around when it is tailormade for that special someone. That’s where we come in.  And that’s how Surprise Machi got into shape. Just tell us about your loved one and we offer the best of indulgent surprises to choose from.

How better can you surprise a biker than gifting him a harley ride? What better choice can be for a potterhead other than choosing a harry potter gift kit? Wouldn’t it be awesome to watch the favourite movie of your beau in a private theatre? The best pranks make the best memories, how about a prank in a disguise of a surpise?

You have just skimmed through a percent of surprise machi’s think-tank. Just explore our roster of surprises for those fun-filled awe moments.  Just to hit it straight, Surprise Machi is nothing but your best “Partner in Surprise”.

Meet The Crazy Squad Behind

Shahul Hameed

Co-founder & CEO

Meet our quick-witted enthusiastic Shahul, the head honcho behind Surprise Machi. Basically an engineering graduate & Market Research Analyst by profession yet a filmmaker & radio jockey by passion. He is either seen happily entertaining or arduously brainstorming or blissfully sleeping. Vigorously engrossed in making people happy, he goes hay wire in planning surprises for his loved ones and thus he turns to be our “Surprise Guru”.

Bhagya Prabhu


Fondly known as “Bhagi”, She is the crazy inquistive & notorious co-founder behind suprise machi. A viscom graduate who turned out to be a copywriter is also a budding script writer in disguise. Brave at heart and sharp at wit,  she is inspired by anything and everything and can slash away the hurdle balls to sixer, ride into chennai traffic like a boss and pour her happiness to all around her.